Skotta säkert - English - Web-based training with self-study

This is a web-based training with self-study, where the participant studies independently. The web-based training consists of a course and concludes with a licensing exam. By completing the web-based training and passing the exam, the course participant becomes a licensed roof shoveler.


The course "Skotta säkert" is organized by The confederation of Swedish enterprises within sheet metal and ventilation (Plåt & Ventföretagen) in collaboration with the insurance industry.

Skotta säkert helps you to:

  • Increase security for the general public
  • Create a safer working environment for roof shovellers
  • Establish requirements for more reputable actors in the industry
  • Reduce the number of injuries to individuals, materials, and property

Our web-based training

When you have ordered the web-based training, the participant receives a link to access the training. The training consists of a self-taught course and an exam in the end. The participant has access to the digital course for 30 days.

To pass the exam, the participant may have a maximum of three wrong answers on the exam. Upon passing the exam, the course participant will receive a license card by mail.